Solaris Paper

Accountant, Accounts Receivable (AAR02152022)

Orange County, California

The Accountant, Accounts Receivable position is part of the Accounts Receivable (AR) team in the Finance and Accounting Department (FAD). The team is responsible for the timely and accurate management of account receivables for the entire US TBU which includes three legal entities: Solaris Paper, Inc,(Solaris) Mercury Paper, Inc (Mercury) and American Tissue Industries, LLC (ATI)The position is responsible for a numbers of tasks in support of AR management, revenue management and cash management. Processing of financial transactions are required to ensure that finances are maintained currently (up to date) and accurately.

This position is a key support role to the HR operations leader (HR Director) and on-site HR Managers. This position is the HR internal go-to for questions or issues concerning all things related to payroll.

Additionally this position provides key information/reports to a number of internal, (finance, MBOS, HR leadership) and external parties, (e.g., the company’s tax consultant, EEOC, etc.)

Key Responsibilities:

AR Management

Remote Deposit – Lock Box – apply incoming payments and process Deduction Invoice for short-paid checks.

Apply payment for wire transfers, ACH, process credit card payment and process Deduction Invoice for short payments

  • Where appropriate use qualifiers to clarify the task – where, when, why or how often – for example instead of “greet visitor to the office” use “greet visitors to the office in a professional and friendly manner”
  • Avoid words that are open to interpretation – for example instead of “handle incoming mail” use “sort and distribute incoming mail”

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