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Safety Manager (101)

Moreno Valley, California

The Safety Manager is to develop and implement all safety, health, security and environmental programs to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and meet all company goals to ensure a safe work environment.

Internally the Safety manager reports to the Plant manager and will develop and maintain a strong and professional relationship with all managers, supervisors, and employees. Externally this associate will develop professional relationships with regulatory agencies, develop mutually beneficial relationships with outside vendors, and investigate new programs and products presented by vendors.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Develop programs and write policies to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local safety-related regulations.
  • Provide ongoing safety and loss prevention training to reduce the frequency and severity of accidental losses; and to be in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Perform as liaison between the company and OSHA or other regulatory bodies in regards to all correspondence, inspections, and any other issues.
  • Conduct investigations and evaluate risk management claim information to identify significant hazards and loss trends; identify and recommend preventive measures and corrective actions.
  • Perform regular physical inspections of grounds, buildings, equipment, and operations; identify hazards and incidents of regulatory non-compliance, and recommend corrective measures.
  • Provide regulatory information, technical consultation and training, and information on company policies regarding health and safety issues to staff.
  • Control all data entry and filing of safety programs, incidents and safety-related training.
  • Monitor medical care of any employee injured at the facility; monitor restrictions and work assigned to any employee on modified duty due to injury received at the facility.
  • File and follow-up on Workers’ Compensation claims for the company.
  • Develop a culture in the facility wherein safety is always the first priority.


  • Develop programs to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local environmental-related regulations.
  • Develop a programmatic environmental program to evaluate the potential environmental effects from past, current and potential future operations.
  • Prepare and submit compliance documentation as needed to the federal, state and local authorities.
  • Provide regulatory information, technical consultation and training, and information on company policies regarding environmental issues to staff.
  • Perform regular physical inspections of grounds and communicate all findings to pertinent personnel.


  • Provide on-site security and control access, observing, detecting, and reporting violations.
  • Investigate or cause to be investigated all incidents of a security nature.
  • Access varied systems to verify clearances of employees, visitors and contractors requesting access to restricted areas.
  • Provide security to Human Resources or other departments as needed due to specific situations.
  • Oversee annual safety budget. Coordinate workers’ compensation use and claims with on-site HR team.

Essential Functions:

  • Write & review assigned safety, environmental & security programs.
  • Manage, review & implement the safety, environmental & security programs.
  • Provide consultation and recommendations.
  • Review all incidents and incident investigations.
  • Conduct safety & environmental site inspections.
  • Develop, prepare, and present all employee safety training.
  • Maintain record keeping.
  • Assist other divisions within the company in regards to safety, environmental and security.


  • Minimum 3 years in Safety, Environmental & Security Management or
  • Minimum 8 years in Production Supervision with responsibility for safety enforcement within a team including: incident investigation; hazard recognition and abatement; presenting safety topics; documenting disciplinary actions.
  • Demonstrated high level of interpersonal skills including leadership and supervisory skills.
  • Demonstrated excellent communication skills including the ability to correspond verbally and in writing with regulatory compliance agencies, and company management and operations personnel.
  • Must be able to prepare presentations and training programs, and present within public speaking arenas.
  • Proficient personal computer skills, including MS Office based word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs.
  • Safety and/or Environmental Certification recommended.
  • 30 Hour OSHA class recommended.


  • Knowledge of OSHA, NFPA, DEQ, EPA, ANSI and federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Interpersonal/human relations skills.
  • Planning/organizational skills.
  • Ability to design, implement, and control a safety, environmental and security program.
  • Ability to conduct inspections of buildings, grounds and equipment for safety, environmental and security reasons.

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