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Dec 09, 2019

Awarded the ASRRAT 2019, APP Sinar Mas Shows Consistent Implementation of Global Sustainability Reporting Standards

Bali, Indonesia - November 23, 2019 – For the seventh time, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas wins an award at the 2019 Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT), previously known as the Sustainability Reporting Awards. The award was presented by Michele Lemmens, regional head of the ASEAN Hub at Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), along with Ali Darwin, CSRA Chairman, board of director of the National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR), to APP Sinar Mas Sustainability & Stakeholder Engagement Manager Sera Noviany.

This year, APP Sinar Mas took home the silver category award, outscoring 50 other companies and organizations from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Bangladesh to clinch the best score in the application of GRI standards in its sustainability reports.

"Being selected for this award for the seventh time is proof of the commitment of APP Sinar Mas in implementing leading and transparent reporting standards for sustainable business practices, that we have so far carried out," said APP Sinar Mas Chief Sustainability Officer Elim Sritaba.

In its 2018 Sustainability Report, APP Sinar Mas reported on the progress achieved in relation to the targets contained in the APP Sinar Mas Sustainability Road Map: Vision 2020 (APP Sustainability Roadmap: Vision 2020 / SRV2020). The progress included improvements in factory operational management, and also the success in the forest protection program as set out in the Forest Conservation Policy.

"On the operational side of our factory, APP Sinar Mas has succeeded in reducing the amount of solid waste dumped into landfills by more than 41%, and lowering water intensity in the production process by 24% compared to the initial implementation of SRV2020. We have also succeeded in reducing the area affected by forest fires to only 0.07% of the total area of the supplier’s concession areas. We have reduced the level of third-party deforestation in the protected concession areas of APP Sinar Mas suppliers to 0.14%, and have implemented the Integrated Farming & Forestry System (IFFS) program in 284 villages around the company's concession," Elim said.

In the previous year, APP Sinar Mas won a bronze award at the same event. The GRI standard aims to help businesses, governments and other organizations to understand and communicate the impact of business on economic, environmental and social sustainability. Since 2007, APP Sinar Mas has been compiling Sustainability Reports based on GRI standards, which serve as a reference for global sustainability standards.

Through the award, NCSR as the organizer expressed its appreciation for the commitment of APP Sinar Mas as one of the leading companies consistently implementing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard in their sustainability reporting.

“We hope that this achievement can drive improvement not just about business, but also contribute to improving the community's economy and protecting the environment, through our products, innovations and sustainability commitments. We believe that, with the support of various parties, our contribution today is for the good of the future," Elim concluded.