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Work Hard. Stay Safe.

At Solaris Paper, our no-touch paper towel and dispensing systems can help you improve washroom hygiene and maintain handwashing protocols. But the health and safety of your facility doesn’t stop there. For a safe return to work, we’ve compiled these industry-specific tips and best practices from the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).*

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2020 group of products
  • Bar Industry

    Bar Industry
  • Childcare

  • Dental

  • General Office

    General Office
  • Gym/Workout

  • Library

  • Physical Therapy/Chiropractic

    Physical Therapy/Chiropractic
  • Institutions of Higher Learning

    Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Retail

  • Restaurants

  • Schools

  • Small Lodgings

    Small Lodgings
  • Small Manufacturing

    Small Manufacturing
  • Small Sports Venues

    Small Sports Venues
  • Places of Worship

    Places of Worship
  • Warehouse/Logistics


*Get Back to Work Safely is a registered trademark of AIHA and resource materials provided here are AIHA produced reference information for public use. These guidance documents were primarily developed for businesses that don't have readily available occupational health and safety resources, and designed to help business owners, facilities managers, employers, employees and consumers implement science-backed procedures for limiting the spread of the coronavirus. They are subject to any local, state, or federal directives, laws, or orders about operating a business and should only be used if they do not conflict with any such orders. These documents are subject to revision and shall be updated accordingly.