Solaris Paper

Jun 05, 2017

Solaris Paper Celebrates World Environment Day 2017

Solaris Paper is committed to increasing the sustainability of our customer’s facilities and businesses by providing rapidly renewable fiber (RRF) based paper towel and tissue products, along with advanced dispensing systems designed to minimize lifecycle impact.

We contribute to a sustainable building operation through extraordinary quality and value. This provides highly desirable products to end-user building occupants that are brighter, whiter and softer. We provide favorable economics to the commercial buyer and facilities management, along with a socially and environmentally responsible life cycle footprint.

Our sustainability programs apply to the full scope of our operations, extending beyond our walls upstream to our sources, including our primary strategic supply partner Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), and downstream to end-of product life scenarios.

Learn more and download our Smarter Paper & Sustainability overview here:

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