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46901 - LoCor® High Capacity Hard Wound Roll Towel

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46901 - LoCor® High Capacity Hard Wound Roll Towel

LoCor® hard wound towel products are the commercial industry’s first reduced core towel system. LoCor hard wound roll towels are made from sustainable, Virgin Plantation Grown, Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF), which produces a white, bright and soft product. In addition, the small core allows for more product on each roll which will last longer and reduce labor costs through fewer roll changes.

This 8” x 1000’, 1-ply, fully embossed hard wound roll towel delivers greater strength, absorbency and quality while being economically priced. LoCor products reduce packaging waste while providing higher capacity where it is needed most – the washroom. The LoCor hard wound roll towel is truly a superior restroom solution.

Product Dimensions:

8" x 1000'

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Compatible With:

SKU Description Dimensions Color
D68003-A 13.55" x 16.41" x 10.16" Black
D68004-A 12.38" x 16.76" x 10.0" Stainless
D68005-A 12.38" x 16.76" x 10.0" White
D68006-A 12.38" x 16.76" x 10.0" Black
D68011-A 14.75" x 18.25" x 10.97" Stainless
D68012-A 12.85" x 16.37" x 9.3" Stainless