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Aug 05, 2015

Green Sports Alliance Greener Cleaning Playbook Recommends Towels and Tissue Derived from Rapidly Renewable Fiber

Atlanta, GA – (August 5, 2015) – In June 2015, the Green Sports Alliance released its Greener Cleaning Playbook as a resource for Alliance members to utilize in specifying green cleaning products and service providers in their facilities. According to The Alliance, “this Playbook is designed to help sports facilities reduce the health and environmental threats associated with cleaning sports venues.”

Within the Playbook, the Alliance provides recommendations on sanitary paper products specifications and implementation. Paper hand towels and toilet tissue derived from rapidly renewable resources (or fiber) is listed as one of the recommended requirements for green cleaning sanitary paper specifications*. Additionally, the Alliance suggests using paper hand towels and toilet tissue on large rolls to reduce paper consumption for ecological and economical benefits**. 

According to the Alliance, these green product recommendations are based on the cleaning requirements found in the USGCB LEED-EBOM Version 4, “which should be followed whether or not the facility seeks LEED certification because the cleaning industry is very familiar with these requirements and can meet them easily and cost effectively.”

Use the link provided to preview the Greener Cleaning Playbook:

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*Source: Greener Cleaning Playbook, Green Cleaning Sanitary Paper Specifications: Paper Hand Towels; Green Cleaning Sanitary Paper Specifications: Toilet Tissue (2015, pp. 20)

**Source: Greener Cleaning Playbook, Sanitary Paper Products Implementation (2015, pp. 14)

 About Green Sports Alliance

The Green Sports Alliance leverages the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play. This is done by inspiring sports leagues, teams, venues, their partners and millions of fans to embrace renewable energy, healthy food, recycling, water efficiency, species preservation, safer chemicals and other environmentally preferable practices.

Alliance members represent nearly 300 sports teams and venues from 20 different sports leagues and 14 countries.

Since February of 2010, the Alliance has brought together venue operators, sports team executives and environmental scientists to exchange information about better practices and develop solutions to their environmental challenges that are cost-competitive and innovative. The information gathered from this collaboration is available to Alliance members in order that they gain a better understanding of how sporting events can be performed in an environmentally sensitive manner.

The Green Sports Alliance was conceived and founded by Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Inc. and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Inaugural members and partners of the Alliance include the Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trail Blazers, Seattle Sounders FC, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Storm, Vancouver Canucks, the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Green Building Services, and Milepost Consulting.

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About Solaris Paper

Solaris Paper®, Inc. (SPI) is a U.S. based manufacturer of premium quality towel and tissue products for the North American Away-From-Home commercial marketplace.  SPI’s products are made from virgin Rapidly Renewable Fiber, which produces a whiter, brighter, softer and greener product. SPI is dedicated to a sustainable business model.  Our commitment applies to the full scope of our operations, starting with our primary strategic supply partner Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) through end-of product life scenarios. Solaris Paper’s family of products currently includes Nvi® Advanced Dispensing Systems, Nvi® LoCor®, Livi® VPG and Livi® Basic Towel and Tissue.  To learn more about Solaris Paper, please visit