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Jun 11, 2014

Solaris Paper Rolls Out New and Improved Kitchen Roll Towel Offerings

Atlanta, Ga – (May 27, 2014)

Solaris Paper® (SPI) enhances its away-from-home kitchen roll towel (KRT) line of products with the addition of a new 3-ply, premium towel (SKU 41510) and two upgraded 2-ply towel offerings (SKUs 41504 & 41506).

SPI’s KRTs provide reliable, easy application when and where end-users need it. Now, with three superior options to choose from, there’s a cost effective KRT option for any professional setting. The perforated, individually wrapped towels can be discreetly stored in high traffic areas for fast and easy clean-up. In addition, SPI’s unique virgin Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF) combination derived from eucalyptus and acacia trees creates strong and absorbent towels perfect for everyday cleaning tasks.

Product features:

41504 Livi® VPG KRT – An upgraded base sheet with a 22% increase in basis weight. This upgrade substantially strengthens the sheet, providing greater absorbency, in-use performance, and improved towel hand-feel. The 2-ply 41504 roll is available in a 30 roll, 85 sheet count format.

41506 Livi® VPG Jumbo KRT – The 41506, 2-ply KRT is offered with the newly upgraded base sheet in a jumbo 12 roll, 250 sheet count format. The generous sheet count is ideal for end users needing a higher capacity kitchen towel product.

41510 Livi® VPG Select KRT – The new 41510, premium, 3-ply KRT offers superior quality and cleaning performance comparable to similar retail products. Offered in a 30 roll, 90 sheet count format, it is an effective and efficient towel that can handle the toughest clean-ups.

All of the new KRT options promise significantly improved performance at competitive price points. Visit for more information on these products.

SPI towel and tissue products also contribute to an environmentally friendly building operation, and meet the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED standards.

To learn more about these and other Solaris Paper offerings, visit

About Solaris Paper

Solaris Paper®, Inc. (SPI) is a U.S. based manufacturer of premium quality towel and tissue products for the North American Away-From-Home commercial marketplace. SPI’s products are made from virgin Rapidly Renewable Fiber, which produces a whiter, brighter, softer and greener product. SPI is dedicated to a sustainable business model. Our commitment applies to the full scope of our operations, starting with our primary strategic supply partner Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) through end-of product life scenarios. Solaris Paper’s family of products currently includes Nvi® Advanced Dispensing Systems, Nvi® LoCor®, Livi® VPG and Livi® Basic Towel and Tissue. To learn more about Solaris Paper and our full line of product offerings, please visit